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22mm Capsule Slip Ring with flange A 24 way -Aluminium housing (2m lead) IP65 special version for Forestry


Compact 22mm barrel slip ring with 3 hole flange with Aluminium housing, IP65 rating, 2m leads for stator and rotor, precision barrings for durable performance.

This slip ring model is popular in forestry applications and also applications where sliprings need to integrate with a rotary union.





  • 24 way slip ring
  • 2 amp / 240 VDC circuits
  • Precision ball bearings
  • Max Speed 250 rpm
  • Compact size:??52 mm total length
  • Gold contact
  • 2m?custom lead lengths
  • Compatible with some data bus protocols
  • Colour-coded, silver-plated, teflon insulated lead wires
  • Suitable for?analog and digital signals


  • Smooth running
  • Low torque
  • Compact
  • Short lead time