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38mm Hollow Shaft Through Bore Slip Ring 6 ways 10A rating


38mm through-bore slip ring with 6 ways , 10A current suitable for shaft mounting, supplied with anti-rotation tabs

Maximum: 600V DC

Operating Speed (Max): 250 rpm




  • 38mm through-bore
  • Speeds up to 250 rpm
  • 6?ten amp circuits
  • 17 gauge AWG,?300 mm lead wire – longer lead lengths are available
  • IP51 rating
  • Standard collar mounting? or shaft mounting
  • Also available with 12, 18, 24 ways power and signal combinations.


  • Transfers analog and digital signals
  • Compatible with some data bus protocols
  • multi contact?brush technology provides long life and maintenance-free operation
  • Continuous 360? rotation of power or data signals