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ESX-IOX 36406 IO Module 4xPWM, 8XDIN, 6XUIN, 8XIIN, 2XDRZ


Part no. 36406

4xPWM outputs

8xDigital inputs, 6xVoltage Inputs, 8xCurrent inputs, 2xFrequency inputs(to calculate RPM)




The ESX IOX is one of the newest additions to the family of controllers. This low-cost version is perfect for smaller applications with up to 28 I/O?s. It is a remote I/O module for both analog and digital I/O and works as a slave module that can communicate using the CANopen protocol. It comes with STW industry leading quality, ruggedness and flexibility.

  • Designed to work as a slave module
  • Maximum 20 Digital Inputs
  • Maximum 2 Frequency Inputs
  • Maximum 12 Analog Inputs
  • Maximum 4x3A PWM outputs
  • Maximum 8x4A Digital Outputs
  • 10V Stabilized output voltage
  • 1xCAN 2.0B
  • IP67 and IP69K