ESX IOXp (Programmable Controller, Mobile, 10V ext., 4x PWM/ DOUT, 4x PVG Output, 2x CAN)

$651.00 (Inc. GST + economic freight)

ESX IOXp 51490

  • 16 bit XC2287 Micro-controller
  • 2 CAN interfaces, 1x Serial
  • Maximum 26 I/O’s
  • Variant -Option 2
  • 4x PWM/ DOUT, 4x PVG Output
  • 8xCurrent inputs, 6xVoltage inputs, 1xDigital input, 3xFrequency inputs
  • 10V external power supply

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The ESX- IOXP is a programmable version of the IOX (IOX is a remote I/O module for both analog and digital I/O). It is a smaller, less expensive 16 bit controller with a durable plastic housing.

ESX-IOXp freely programmable controller for mobile machine application. Can be programmed in IEC61131-3 Programming interface (STW CoDeSys)

Controller needs to be programmed with STW CoDeSys Package v2.3 for 16 bit controller. Refer SKU CA24493.Programming License CoDeSys