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ESX-LTplus 33748 Programmable Controller 16xPWM, 4xDRZ, 8xIIN, 4xUIN



  • 16 bit controller
  • Interfaces: 2xCAN(2nd one optional) CAN 2.0B
  • Option-1 variant
  • 10V stabilized voltage supply
  • Max 4xPVG, 20xDO/PWM, and 4xDO/PWM output with current measurement
  • Max 24xAnalog/Digital inputs, 8xCurrent inputs, 4xRPM inputs
  • 42 pin connector


The ESX-LTplus is a user programmable control unit. It is used for a variety of different measurement, control and regulating tasks. Due to its user programmability, it is suitable for nearly any application possible in sensor/actor management. Real time execution of tasks is a standard feature of the ESX-LTplus controller family.

This control unit is especially designed for the use in off road vehicles and machines that work under rough environmental conditions in a temperature range of -40..+85 ?C (-40..+185?F). Its proper operation under a variety of different environmental rough conditions.

Due to a robust hardware design, outputs can drive up to 4[A]. Proportional valves can therefore be supplied and controlled directly by the ESX-LTplus, either by PWM outputs (pulse width modulated) with internal current measurement or by special designed prop. valve outputs with integrated control electronics. Expensive amplifiers and additional controller cards can be omitted.

The ESX-LTplus’s robust cast aluminum enclosure (IP65, opt. IP67 with GORE-TEX? membrane) protects not only the electronics from mechanical destructive influences, but also provides sufficient protection against electromagnetic interferences.