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Handle grip, L-Style 8 Momentary Switch, dual trigger 10 x Switch Keypad, Right-hand model


L handle- grey, 2 trigger, 8 momentary switches, 10 switch keypad, 10 ft lead, right hand version




L-Series ergonomic handle grip with 8 momentary switches?10 switch keypad, 10 ft lead, right hand version. This handle grip with this configuration, can be used to fit on the stem of a hydraulic, pilot or electronic joystick.

L-Series handle grips can be supplied with suitable bottom adaptor so that they can be fitted directly into wide range of joystick bases. These bottom adaptors are available to suit different joystick studs such as:

  • BU-00?- 1/4″ unthreaded hole

  • BU-01?- 10mm x 1.5

  • BU-01S?- 10mm, includes set screws

  • BU-02?- 12mm x 1.25

  • BU-03?- 12mm x 1.75

  • BU-03C?- 12mm clamping, includes set screws

  • BU-04?- 14mm x 2

  • BU-04C?- 14mm clamping, includes set screws

  • BU-05?- 5/8″ NC

  • BU-05G?- 5/8″ NC, Grooved

  • BU-06?- 14mm x 1.5

  • BU-07?- 3/8″ NC

  • BU-08?- 1/2″ threads

  • BU-09?- 9/16″ NC

  • BU-10?- 12 x 1.5mm

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