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Hilscher NANL-B500G-RE add-on, autonomous operation without PC software license (LIC/NANL/SA)


With this add-on for autonomous operation, the netANALYZER box NANL- B500G-RE is even more flexible in use. Operate the netANALYZER with a USB storage medium and the REC button on the front side even without a connected PC.

Thus, if necessary, an employee can carry out a recording “on-the-spot” without a deep knowledge of the subject.

Furthermore, in combination with netANALYZER Scope software, trigger conditions can be defined that allow long-term monitoring for sporadic problems. When the trigger occurs, a data snapshot is stored on the USB medium. This ensures that only the relevant data amount is stored even during long measurement times.



NANL-B500G-RE add-on, autonomous operation without PC

The perfect extension for netANALYZER


  • Quick and easy recording ?on site? without connected PC
  • Continuous operation with customizable triggers
  • Creating telegram snapshots at triggering events