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Hilscher netANALYZER (hardware+ carry case)


Hilscher netANALYZER (hardware + carry case) needs further software licenses for full functionality as shown below at extra cost. This hardware can work with Wireshark which can be downloaded from Wireshark .


8582.001 LIC/SCPBS
8582.030 LIC/SCP/PN
8582.031 LIC/SCP/QTPN
8582.040 LIC/SCP/ECAT
8582.050 LIC/SCP/CVF
8582.060 LIC/NANL/SA
8582.070 LIC/SCP/PCAP




  • Comprehensive analysis of Real-Time Ethernet systems
  • Passive, without impact on network or PLC
  • Intuitive graphical display
  • Station lists, alarms, process values, network load and jitter measurement
  • Endless recording via customizable triggers

The netANALYZER is a tool for the simple analysis of Real-Time Ethernet networks. The scope of delivery includes a capture-hardware for recording the telegrams on the network as well as a graphical user software for Windows with extensive analysis functions. Of course, the netANALYZER hardware can also be used together with other analysis software such as Wireshark. Using netANALYZER and the addon software netANALYZER Scope you always have your Ethernet network at your fingertips. Measure important key data such as station lists, alarms, process values, network load and telegram jitter without affecting the network or PLC. To narrow down to sporadic errors netANALYZER box supports autonomous operation without PC. Thus, one can record telegram traffic quickly in the automation floor by a simple touch of a button. With the help of the powerful trigger function the netANALYZER can remain in a plant for a period of time, allowing facilitated troubleshooting. On the occurrence of trigger events the netANALYZER automatically generates telegram snapshots that can be interpreted later using the netANALYZER Scope software.