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Hilscher netANALYZER SCOPE basic software license (LIC/SCPBS)


With netANALYZER Scope, a software enhancement developed for netANALYZER, the successful Ethernet analysis tool, you always have your process data at your fingertips. netANALYZER Scope automatically interprets the entire system-specific telegram traffic and clearly arranges the transferred process values presenting them with an exact 10 ns time stamp, with clear text names and the correct data type. All process values are recorded seamlessly, cycle by cycle, exactly as they occur. Thus, no potentially important value will be lost.

Of course, the tool does not only record process values, it also calculates and presents all of the classic netANALYZER measured values, such as telegram jitters, cycle time, forwarding time or network load. Moreover, the tool automatically detects important events such as alarms or missing process data telegrams. And, what makes it even more outstanding is the fact that the data can all be illustrated in a graphic on a shared time base. The values can be grouped or superimposed in oscilloscope-type views. This quickly highlights interconnections and cross-effects of the transmission layer up to the application layer and facilitates the localization of problems significantly.

There is no need to intervene in a PLC program or the device software itself because the passively recorded Ethernet traffic is used as the basis for the analysis. As such, the data can easily be analyzed in any environment irrespective of the manufacturer, the diagnosis interfaces or the performance class of the devices used.

Trigger conditions which can be configured arbitrarily thus specifically facilitate the capability to localize sporadic effects, to detect the causes, and to correct them.

netANALYZER Scope is easy to use even without any in-depth knowledge of the particular Ethernet technology because the entire intelligence needed to interpret telegrams is integrated in the software. However, if for whatever reason, expert advice is required, the recorded data and views can all be stored and re-loaded completely. In an emergency situation, this allows a specialist to quickly carry out a remote analysis.



The perfect extension for netANALYZER


  • Intuitive graphic interface
  • Eliminates manual analysis of endlessly telegram records
  • No deep knowledge of the Ethernet technology required to use the software
  • Comprehensive trigger functions
  • Save and load complete analysis projects

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