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TC3G 72523 Telematics Module 2G/3G, GPS, WLAN, RS232, ETH, 2xCAN, USB


  • 3G (five bands) and 2G (four bands) wireless communication
  • Wireless interfaces such as WLAN and Bluetooth
  • CDMA option for cellular
  • GPS and GLONASS receiver for optimized accuracy and acquisition time.
  • Internal or external Antennas
  • 2 CAN, one RS-232 port, one Ethernet and one USB interfaces
  • 32 bit MPC5200B  400-MHz micro-controller
  • Board Support Package with CAN recorder and virtual CAN network software.
  • Linux Operating System
  • Communications expansion board adds a digital input and output, an accelerometer, and the option to add cellular (GSM/CDMA/3G), GPS and WLAN modems


The ESX ? TC3G is the latest addition to STW?s Telematics line.The major enhancements are the addition of 3G and CDMA capabilities to the existing GSM modem, the addition of GLONASS to the GPS for faster and more accurate positioning and the presence of both internal and external antennas.

The ESX-TC3G has 32 bit MPC5200B? 400MHz processor and 1GB of flash memory .? The unit has an excellent array of communications options.? The basic unit has two CAN ports, an RS-232 port and a USB port.? The communications expansion board adds a digital input and output, an accelerometer, and the option to add cellular (GSM/CDMA/3G), GPS and WLAN modems.? Antennas can be internal or external ? the TC3G is one of the few telematics units on the market with internal antennas.? The internal antennas and a patent-pending design incorporating the SIM card into the connector allow the TC3G to meet both IP-67 and IP-69k environmental standards.? The TC3G is robust and designed for working machines and highly challenging environments.?This telematics control unit is suitable even for sophisticated control and gateway functions. For example, it can be used for agriculture machines, snow ploughing vehicles, and other mobile machinery.

The TC3G employs a linux operating system, an extensive board support package and a telematics application framework that provides powerful tools for telematics application?development.? A fully functional logging application with data acquisition readers for CAN freestyle, GPS, J1939, CANOpen and ISOBUS is available without costly licensing or service fees.? Configuration can be done remotely via a web browser configuration tool.? Open source applications can be freely utilized to add functionality to the TC3G.? Additionally, the TC3G has the capability to flash (perform software updates to) STW controllers over a CAN bus and to serve as a bridge for remote users to perform diagnostics, monitoring and troubleshooting.