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CAN-Connect is designed as the preferred online store for professional users of CAN Bus products, products for distributed field-bus based control system components such as controllers, joysticks, displays, sensors and wiring harness. CAN-Connect also brings to you the software tools to realise your applications, solutions. CAN-Connect sells the following brands :

IXXAT: PC-to-CAN interfaces, CAN bridge, CAN repeater, wireless CAN products (CAN blue-ii), CAN-to-FO repeaters, FRC-EP-170 automotive test platform for CAN bus, CANopen, J1939, CAN-FD

Kvaser: USB-to-CAN, Leaf Light, Leaf Pro, Air Bridge, Blackbird, Memorator, Memorator pro, PCI, PCIe, PCIe-mini, CAN-to-ethernet and products for OBD-II

Janztec: emPC embedded controllers, emPC-ARPI (raspberry Pi based industrialised controller) for control and IOT applications

Microcontrol: IO modules for CAN/ CANopen/ J1939 with Analog input, Digital input, High side PWM output, Low side PWM outputs, Analog outputs, Temperature inputs, protocol stacks for J1939, CANopen, EtherCat.

Topcon: range of OPUS A3, A6 and A8 range of operator interfaces for mobile applications along with wiring and mounting accessories.

Suregrip Controls: range of joysticks, handlegrips for analog output, switched output, Danfoss output direct PWM outputs to drive solenoid valves in PWM, Driver boards, micro -joysticks and other handle accessories. Proportion valve blocks for pilot pressure control upto 32 bar in 12/24V supply using SDB-P1 driver boards.

STW: range of controllers for heavy mobile machine control, MO1 pressure sensors, TO1 temperature sensors, NGS2 gyroscopic controller with CANopen/ J1939

GEMAC: CAN bus testers, CANTouch, CANAlarm, GEMAC inclination sensors with analog output (4-20mA, 0-10V), CAN output (CANopen)

Genge & Thoma: range of Analog and Digital joysticks

Wachendorff: encoders (incremental, absolute) with various mounting and shaft configurations.

CAN-Connect should be your preferred web-store for accessing all the above products. We aim to provide you great products at competitive prices with a pleasant and secure shopping experience. Products from our web-store namely, can-connect.com should be purchased by industry professionals and expert users only.

can-connect.com will be adding more products to make your control system solutions easier by sourcing all your needs from one place.

CAN-Connect will be adding the following products progressively:

  • Slip-rings for power, data and signal transmission
  • Radio remote control
  • products for industrial IOT applications

CAN-Connect reserves the right to add or remove products based on market feedback and emerging customer requirements.

We serve global markets, mainly in Australia, NZ, APEC and SE Asia regions as we operate with our 24 hour on line store.