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Absolute Multiturn J1939 encoder with WDGA 58A, synchro flange


WDGA 58A Absolute encoder with synchro flange 10mm (dia) shaft, J1939 protocol, M12 axle connecter, supply 10-32V DC



Wachendorff-Absolute Encoder

WDGA 58A-08-1218-CJA-B01-CB5

Type: WDGA 58A, synchro flange

Shaft: ? 10mm

Singleturn Resolution: 12 bit

Multiturn Resolution: 18 bit

Data Protocol:?J1939

Code: binary

Power supply: 10V up to 32V (standard)

Galvanic isolation

Electrical Connections: sensor-connector, M12x1, 5-pin, axial, IP67, shield connected to encoder housing