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Enabling connectivity and protection for CAN components

Simple CAN/CAN FD repeater

Contents of box: CAN/CAN FD repeater CR 100, User Manual



Ixxat CAN-CR100

Item number 1.01.0210.20000

The Ixxat CAN-CR100 repeater with two CAN/CAN FD interfaces improves the CAN bus load capacity, establishes a physical coupling of bus systems and offers galvanic isolation. It provides the flexibility to optimize network structures and liberates them from CAN bus structure constraints for optimized operation. With integrated termination resistors.

Features and benefits

  • Robust industrial use

    Designed for industrial environments, Ixxat repeaters meet high demands for robustness, temperature ranges, and safety, making them an ideal choice for industrial applications.

  • Greater flexibility in CAN network design

    The CAN-CR100 helps to optimize CAN/CAN FD network structures. It enables extended network layouts with an increased number of nodes, which couldn’t be realized using a common line structure.

  • Fast and transparent operation

    CAN repeaters ensure minimal impact on real-time behavior, equivalent to a short line length. Data transmission remains transparent, compatible with various higher layer protocols.

  • Cost savings due to simple wiring

    The CAN-CR100 enables the implementation of tree or star topologies and stub lines into the CAN/CAN FD network, helping to minimize cable length and material costs.

  • Enhanced network reliability

    The CAN-CR100 ensures system reliability by electrically isolating CAN/CAN FD segments and power, auto-separating network faults and keeping the network operational.

  • Protection against signal peaks

    The built-in CAN bus choke offers protection against signal peaks, enhancing the durability of your CAN network.

  • Improved network monitoring and fault recovery

    In case of disturbances in the CAN lines, the repeater automatically disconnects the affected segment and restores it after the fault is resolved, ensuring uninterrupted network operation.

  • Increased system protection

    Using the CAN-CR100, network components can be galvanically isolated up to 1 kV. This reliably enhances the protection of the device against damage to electronics caused by voltage peaks.

  • CAN and CAN FD interfaces combined in one device

    Equipped with two CAN/CAN FD channels, the CAN-CR100 can be used to establish a physical coupling and galvanic isolation of two segments of both CAN and CAN FD bus systems.

  • Integrated bus termination resistors

    Integrated bus termination resistors (120 Ohm, switchable via DIP switch) prevent reflections on the line ends and ensure optimum communication.