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Contactless reader CANCrocodile


CANCrocodile is designed for safe data reading from vehicle CAN bus. Contactless reader is used within vehicle telematics and GPS tracking systems for receiving various parameters of vehicle operation from CANbus: speed, RPM, oil pressure & temperature, fuel volume & consumption, etc.

Data reading occurs without electrical connection and without damaging CAN wires. CANCrocodile works in “listen” mode only, i.e. it does not change original J1939 messages and does not send any signals to CANbus.

  • Compatible for SAE J1939, CAN Open, DeviceNet, NMEA 2000
  • Nominal supply voltage: 12/24 V   (5V – on request ; 2/24 A++ (low current consumption) – on request)
  • Current consumption: 300mA for “5V” version; 30/15mA for “12/24V” version; 10/5mA for “12/24 A++” version
  • Cable length- 0.7m  (2 m– on request)
  • Cable connector- Molex/bare wires/Special connector (specify when ordering)


Safe connection to CAN bus

CANCrocodile does no damage to insulation of wires and has no direct electrical contact with CANbus. Data reading occurs in a contactless way ? CANCrocodile detects magnetic field around CAN-High and CAN-Low wires.

Strong fixation of CAN bus wires

The design of the body provides perpendicular fixing of the wires to reading surface. This way of fixing will not allow the CAN bus wires to slip from the CANCrocodile reading surface.

A soft pressure pad in the upper part of the housing tightly presses the wires to reading surface.

LED indication of operation modes

Red indicator ? power is on, blinking green indicator ? messages receipt from CAN bus. Indicators allow to test the operation of the reader without dismantling and connecting to monitoring terminal.

Connector Pinout

CANCrocodile Connector pinout

1 ? power ?+?

2 ? ground ?-?

3 ? CAN-high

4 ? CAN-low