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ESX-MICRO 56046 Programmable Controller 4xPWM, 4xAIN, 2XVO, 1MB Flash, 2xCAN



  • 16 bit controller with 1MB Flash
  • 2xCAN channels
  • Maximum 10 I/O
  • 4xPWM, 2xVoltage Outputs
  • 4xCurrent inputs


The freely programmable controller ESX-micro works independently as a measuring, driving or controlling device for sensor-actuator management and is capable of executing a number of separate or related tasks in real time.

The ESX-micro was developed especially for use under harsh conditions and extreme temperatures, functioning from -40 to +85?C in vehicles and machines.

All inputs and outputs are protected against short circuit to ground or to voltage overload and have a built-in diagnostic capability.

Proportional valves can be driven without expensive amplifier or controller cards. Either a PWM (pulse width modulated) output with internal current measurement or a special output for proportional valves with integrated circuitry may be used.

A robust cast aluminium housing?(protection grade IP65, optionally IP67) with a GORE-TEX? breathing filter offers high immunity to electromagnetic disturbances and protects against mechanical stressing.