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Kvaser OBD II Extension Cable 5m


Kvaser’s OBD II Extension Cable is a highly durable extension cable of 5 metres in length with male to female OBD II connectors. The cable is made of high quality thermoplastic rubber to ensure excellent flexibility and resilience. All pins are connected.



Molded OBD II (SAE J1962) male connector, Type B (24 Volt).

Molded OBD II (SAE J1962) female connector, Type B (24 Volt).

Made of durable thermoplastic rubber.

Gold plated pins on OBDII connectors for extra reliable contact.

Termination is built in with a 120 Ohm terminating resistor.

Available in other cable lengths.

RoHS compliant.

This cable can save wear and tear on your CAN interface’s OBD2 connector