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NT 50-DP-EN Gateway PROFIBUS DP to EtherNet IP/ PROFINET/ Modbus TCP


Product name: NT 50-DP-EN
Part number: 1758.110
Brief description: Gateway PROFIBUS DP to Ethernet

-Integrates a single PROFIBUS DP Master/slave into a Modbus TCP network
-Flexible use of Modbus TCP as Client or Server
-Short I/O data conversion time lower than 20 ms
-Extremely space-saving compact design
-Loadable Firmware for flexible use of other conversions
-With Ethernet diagnostic and configuration port



netTAP 50 is a protocol converter for simple conversions. netTAP 50 converts 1-port Real-Time Ethernet, fieldbus and serial automation protocols. Slave to slave or slave to master conversions are supported. As a master, netTAP 50 provides full master functionality to one slave device only. This makes it easy to integrate a single field device into any higher-level network.

The design impresses with a cost-optimised, compact hardware implementation being reduced to the elementary requirements of a protocol converter. The converter addresses market segments which set the focus on cost savings. The cost-reduced design combined with its countless conversion possibilities makes netTAP 50 an attractive gateway in terms of price and universality.

Gateway Conversions supported are:

  • PROFIBUS DP Master?to EtherNet/IP Adapter
  • PROFIBUS DP slave to EtherNet/IP Scanner
  • PROFIBUS DP slave to EtherNet/IP?Adapter
  • PROFIBUS DP slave to Open MODBUS/TCP
  • PROFIBUS DP Master?to?PROFINET IO Device
  • PROFIBUS DP slave to ?PROFINET IO Controller
  • PROFIBUS DP slave to?PROFINET IO Device