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Proportional Valve Block 2 24V-32 Bar Coil


Proportional valve block 2 with 24V and 32bar coil with Deutsch connectors, to give you precise control of pilot pressure, suitable for Excavator and other mobile machine attachment applications.



Click to view the Dimension Diagram for?PVB2

These Proportional Pilot control valve blocks allow for easy addition of attachments to excavators which need to be controlled by Electronic Joystick by the operator from the cab. When used with various styles of Handle grips which can be added to Hydraulic pilot Joysticks PVB pilot control blocks allow fine control of pilot pressure of the main valve to optimise machine performance.

The proportional solenoid valves output linear proportional pilot pressure output to a maximum of its rated pressure (in this case 32 bar) with a pilot supply at least 5 bar higher than the max control pressure. The coils require PWM current of?500mA at 24V DC. This current can be provided by Suregrip Controls Single axis driver board SDB-P1 (which has 2 x PWM outputs) or using STW ESX-IOXp which is a rugged programmable controller with a lot more options.

Driver and Controller are not part of the scope of supply and need to be ordered separately. Wiring and installation on the machine is the customer’s responsibility.

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