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Slider Module, Momentary 3 position


Slider Module Momentary 3 position



The Sure Grip Proportional Slider Modules combine the precision of a hall effect sensor with the long life expectancy of a sealed assembly. These modules are designed to provide an ergonomic solution within a small footprint. Each slider module is calibrated and tested before final packaging, resulting in a consistent and reliable control. Our sliders are made of wear resistant plastic polymer providing a smooth operating feel while optimizing the service life of the part. Compact mounting allows various installation options both in Sure Grip handles and other applications.

?Compact device with analog proportional outputs

?Sealed to IP67

?Extended travel range +/- 24o

?Long operational life: > 4 million cycles

?Utilized non-contact Hall Effect technology

?Can be ordered individually or installed into Sure Grip handles.

Suitable for panel mounting

Suitable for Joystick handle grip mounting

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