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USB to 4 port RS232 Optical Isolated Converter


  • USB-2.0 device controller.
  • Allow user custom adjust baud-rates.
  • Each Port can impendent set up the baud-rate and data format.
  • On-Chip 512-Byte FIFO for upstream and downstream data transfers for serial Port.
  • System gets four serial port when the converter plug in.
  • Direct power from USB port , no need external power supply.
  • 3000 VDC isolation protection on RS232.
  • Power and TXA/RXA/TXB/RXB/TXC/RXC/TXD/RXD communication LED indicator
  • Din-Rail (option)or panel mount Driver support:
  • Driver Support: Android/Win10/Win8.1/Vista64/32,Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/WIN 7/CE5.0~7.0 , and Linux, and Mac OS .


  • Input: USB 2.0 protocol.
  • RS232 output: TXD,RXD.GND.
  • Data Format: Asynchronous data with all common combination of bits, parity, stop
  • Parity type: None, odd, even mark, space.
  • Data bit: 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Stop bits: 1, 1.5, 2.
  • Cable: USB 2.0 type A to type B cable.
  • Communication speed: form 300bps to 256Kbps.
  • RS-232 line protection: +/- 15KV ESD.
  • Connection type: Screw terminal for maximum AWG #12~30 wire.
  • DIN rail and panel mount support.
  • Power consumption: 70mA by USB power.
  • Operating environment: 0 to 65℃.
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 65℃.
  • Dimension: 151mm X 75mm X 26mm.
  • Weight: 395g.
  • Humidity: 10-90% non-condensing. .


The TRP-C08U allows you to simultaneously connect 4 RS-232 serial devices to system by using a USB interface. Each one can be independent setting different serial data format and baud-rate.The user may also aim at the special BAUD-RATE demand to set up by separately.

The RS232 interface offer TXD, RXD, GND signal connection type. TRP-C08U is equipped with 3000V DC of isolation and +/-15KV ESD, as well as ground potential differences. TRP-C08U features a high-speed 256KB transmission rate, and supports various O.S. The industry standard DIN rail design enables users a fast and professional installation.