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Kvaser Leaf Pro HS v2, USB to CAN Interface


Kvaser Leaf Pro HS v2 is an evolution of the Leaf family that bring programmability to user’s fingertips, as well as CAN with Flexible Data-Rate (CAN FD). Kvaser’s Pro versions boast a high transmit capability that meets the needs of CAN FD frames. It also supports customisation using Kvaser’s t programming language. For example, users can run a t program to speed up file transfer protocols or to emulate ECUs and other devices by generating traffic and handling protocols. This model has a standard 9-pin DSUB, bus is also available with a 16-pin OBDII connector. Please see Kvaser Leaf Pro HS v2 OBDII for details.

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? Supports CAN FD.

? Quick and easy plug-and-play installation.

? Supports both 11-bit (CAN 2.0A) and 29-bit (CAN 2.0B active) identifiers.

? Power is taken from the USB bus.

? Galvanic isolation.

? High-speed CAN connection (compliant with ISO 11898-2), up to 1 Mbit/s.

? Fully compatible with J1939, CANopen, NMEA 2000 and DeviceNet.

? Kvaser MagiSync provides automatic time synchronization between several PC-to-bus interfaces connected to the same PC.

? Programming functionality to support interface mode e.g. Optimize protocol handling, pre-filter CAN messages directly on the interface, or simulate missing hardware.

? Simultaneous operation of multiple devices.