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RS422/485 Optical Isolated Repeater


  • Wide input range DC power supply.
  • Automatic data format configuration.
  • Auto direction flow control on RS-485.
  • Auto baud rate switching from 300bps to 115.2Kbps.
  • RS485 bi-directionally communication.
  • 3000  DC isolated protection.
  • Surge protection on RS-422/485 data lines.
  • Power/TX/RX mode LED indicator.
  • Support screw terminal and external DC adapter.
  • DIN rail or panel mount support.
  • Power input voltage: DC +10V to +30V.
  • Power input type: Support screw terminal or external DC adaptor.
  • Interface: Industrial plug-in screw terminal.
  • RS-485 signal: differential 2 half-duplex wires. (D+,D-).
  • RS-422 signal: differential 4 full-duplex wires. (TX+,RX+, TX- ,RX-).
  • Plug-in screw terminal wiring: Accepts AWG -#12~30 wire.
  • Distance: extend RS-422/485 signal up to 4000ft (1200M ).
  • Isolation voltage: 3000V DC.
  • LED indicator: Power, TX, and RX.
  • Power consumption: 1.2 watt.
  • Operating Temperature:-10 to 50℃ .
  • Storage Temperature: -20 to 70℃.
  • Humidity: 10-90% Non-condensing.
  • Dimension: 151mm X 75mm X 26mm .
  • Weight: 380g.


TRP-C07 is designed to extend the RS-422 and RS-485 signals to another?4000ft?(?1200m?) distance and increase the maximum number of connected nodes up to 32 sets. Aside from extension function TRP-C07 provides with auto configuration features in data format detecting,?baud rate?setting and RS-485 data direction flow control. TRP-C07 is equipped with photo-couplers and internal surge protection to protect the module and all data lines against high voltage spikes, as well as ground potential differences. The industry?standard DIN rail?and?panel mounting design?enable?user a?fast and professional installation. TRP-C07 is the ideal solution for the user who wants to automate their application quickly, safely and cost-effectively.