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USB to CAN Interface (sub-D9, galvanic isolation)


TouCAN incorporates zero frame-loss functionality even when delivering data at 1Mbit/s speed. Device contains a data buffer for 20000 frames, which ensures a back-up if connectivity loss is experienced. The USB to CAN bus converter flawlessly works on windows version 32bit & 64bit, device supports extended Microsoft descriptors specification. Device also supports Linux SocketCAN.

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Low Cost full featured USB to CAN Interface with galvanic isolation (Plug and Play). Great for Academic use, CAN Bus enthusiasts, Hobby users.


No driver installation required (WinUSB Microsoft generic driver, out-of-the-box funcionality)

Zero Frame Loss

Hardware CAN frames filtering

Timestamp resolution: 1uS

Data export to .csv

Data Buffer for 20000 Frames

Powerful CPU ( Cortex M4 100 MHz )

Supported Library. Open Source CANAL API DLL

Open Source GUI (Qt.io). Compatible with Linux, MacOS, Windows.

Linux SocketCAN support

Direct connection to device without CANAL API

2x dual color LEDs

Unlimited CAN adapter support at the same time on PC

CAN bus baud rate. Default speeds 10, 20, 50, 100, 125, 250, 500, 1000 or custom

Firmware upgrade via bootloader

Meets ISO 11898-2 requirements

Bus-Fault protection of ?27 V to 40 V

EMI filters for CAN and USB interfaces

Linux CANAL API library for SocketCAN

Wireshark plugin coming soon

MAC OS driver support coming soon

OpenCPN plugin coming soon

SAE J2534 (Pass-Thru) driver coming soon

Python CAN support

Labview driver coming soon

Galvanic 2500-VRMS Isolation (CAN interface)